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LED Lighting System : LED

LEDs are highly energy efficient and durable lights. LED is the advanced technology in lighting system. LEDs have very long life and consume upto 90% less energy than standard lighting system.

LEDs are being used in wide variety of applications like residential lighting, traffics, automobile, etc. LEDs use very low power or operate on low power supply that’s why LED with solar panels is the best solution of home and commercial use. Renewgreen solar offer highly efficient LED solutions for residential and commercial use. Our LED solutions are designed to meet every need of the consumer. Our LEDss look great aesthetically and decorate your space with light and elegance.

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • LED lights have a very long life than the standard lighting. LED lights sometimes have life upto 1,00,000 hours.
  • Led lights are energy efficient. They use upto 90% less energy than standard lighting or CFL.
  • LEDs are very durable.
  • LEDs disperse lights to whole location or room
  • LEDs run on low-voltage or low power supply.

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