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Our water heaters for industrial use lets you save thousands in electricity bill. Huge capacity, hot water through out the year, quality assurance and excellent after sales service.

Renewgreen : Industrial Water Heater

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Yasholaxmi construction Ltd.formed by Mr Rajendra Babulal Malu, our founder Director, began with the goal of bringing renewable and non-polluting power to homes and business houses in INDIA and around the world. We have started with the vision to steadily expand together with technical advances and rapid growth of the renewable energy industry.

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We at renewgreen take pride in advising and implementing exact solutions to our customers. Our Industrial Solar Water Heater has helped clients to solve their problem of heating water and has reduced their electricity spend. And our technical expertise, quality assurance, and excellent after sales service has proven their decision, to implement Renewgreen's Industrial Water Heater, to be right.

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We believe that the energy objectives of our modern society can be met by innovation in the field of renewable energy sources and energy conservation.